Hear what our athletes have to say about Competitive Advantage Training:

"Just wanted to say thanks for the off-season workout program that Marc did with you. He seems much stronger on the ice and also his confidence level seems higher. The way you raise the goals and expectations levels for the players both on and off the ice is very effective and rewarding. Thanks for making both the on and off ice workouts such a positive experience...see you soon"

-Tom J.

"My Son is currently a first year bantam player. He has been fortunate to have Sean his trainer. Sean, is a dedicated no nonsense coach. He has taken the time to determine the needs of my son and provided appropriate training. Moreover, Sean does not simply go through a bunch of drills, just the opposite. My son does not move to the next drill until he has effectively completed the previous one. Based on both Prep school and college, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge of hockey to the student. Moreover, Sean possesses the patience to teach all levels. I highly recommend him to any level player, B to triple AAA. In sum, he will help elevate your game."

-Bob F.

"My son began playing Travel Club ice hockey comparatively late as a 2nd year Pee Wee in 6th grade and was doubly cursed with a December birthday. Ice hockey quickly became his passion and he was determined to work hard, hopefully smart and get better. Over three seasons he went from Pee Wee Non-League to Bantam B to Bantam A in 8th grade. In anticipation of playing U16 Midget and High School hockey the following year we knew that if we wanted to take it to a much higher level, the training quality and intensity would have to increase significantly… effective immediately!

We started doing research within our various hockey circles on who were some highly recommended coaches my son could work with. A Tier I Coach that we got to know told us that a guy named Sean Cromarty who played Division I and is a certified personal trainer does all of his team’s off ice training and also works with several of his players individually or in small groups improving their on ice skills. He simply stated “Sean Cromarty is the best!” We then contacted Sean which was approximately one year ago and started doing both on and off ice training with him once a week. Although there are many factors that contribute to a player’s development, my son and I are 100% certain that Sean Cromarty played a major role in helping him develop the SKILL, STRENGTH and MENTALITY to make the Midget U16 AA New Jersey Rockets AND his High School Varsity team as a Freshman. In addition, Sean provided a nutritional program with an emphasis on proper hydration for my son to follow which coming from Sean had a greater impact on him than either my wife or me telling our son what he should eat and drink. We continue to work with Sean once a week and have raised our hockey bar even higher with the goals of making a Tier I U16 Midget National team next year and hopefully realizing a dream of playing Division I College Hockey.

Finally and perhaps most important, Sean’s training style is unique, very creative and, tailored toward the individual player. My son loves working with Sean and looks forward to his weekly session but I caution you in advance that Sean is VERY tough.

If your child requires a lot of praise, has difficulty listening or focusing and/or is not prepared to work very, very hard then training with Sean Cromarty is not recommended. However, if your player really wants to push his physical and mental limits to their maximum and truly take his hockey to a much higher level, then as a Tier I Coach once said to me 'Sean Cromarty is the best!'”

-Andy S.

"As a parent of a hockey player, my experience with Coach Sean Cromarty has been a positive experience. My son has participated in off ice strength and conditioning training with Coach Cromarty for the past eight months, something that he has never experienced during his youth hockey years because none of the programs that he has participated with prior to playing with the Mid Jersey Selects has ever offered this type of training or encouraged it. I see a significant difference with his on ice performance as a result of the sport and position specific training he has received and continues to receive. He is stronger, faster and has the cardio endurance to go the distance. I now fully understand the importance of an off ice strength and conditioning program as it relates to on ice performance and attitude. He encourages him to work hard towards his goal, which is to continue to improve his game.

My son has also been coached by Coach Cromarty on ice with the Mid Jersey Selects. The ice time utilized for practices are intense and are geared towards real game situations. No time on the ice has ever been wasted with scrimmage games or just shooting the puck. The boys are taught and practice plays and situations that I have seen work in games.

As a parent, I see the difference, and my son, he feels the difference." 

-Kevin M.

"In the Fall of 2010 my son was not selected for the varsity hockey program at his high school. He was completely demoralized and considered giving up the sport of hockey. Following the recommendation of a friend, I convinced my son to meet with Sean to do both on-ice and dry land training for a few weeks. It was agreed that if after working with Sean for a few sessions, he still wanted to give up hockey, he could. At first, I thought the difficulty of Sean's work out, his attention to detail, and the high level of discipline Sean required all would turn my son off. Instead, he couldn't wait to come back. In addition to restoring my son's confidence and his passion and love of the game, Sean also quickly improved my son's quickness, agility, strength and stick skills.
In the end, my son's experiences with Sean will be remembered by him as the time where he learned that hard work, commitment and success at something can bring him more joy and satisfaction than a video game." 

-Joseph R.

"Coach Cromarty's total approach to developing a player has paid enormous dividends for my son in a short period of time. His detailed strength training and nutrition plans off the ice play a big role in maximizing your effort on the ice. My son really enjoys playing for Sean and only wishes that he had him as a coach earlier in his career."

-Bret C.

"Thank You for the exceptional training and results you provided to my son. He played U16 National during the past and current seasons against very strong competition. The strength training, advice and increase of his skill performance were paramount to his continued development and ability to compete. He, has tremendous respect for your own work ethic. He now realizes the only thing stopping the progress of his game is the effort he puts in – with your assistance his expectations are continually increasing.

For a serious hockey player Competitive Advantage is definitely the best place to train."

- Charlie M.

Unsure of the importance of mental training? Listen to what athletes who have worked with Brady Greco have said:

"Brady’s ability to focus, persevere and adapt in the most difficult of circumstances is exceptional! Brady’s self-discipline and overall goal setting has been most impressive for his peers, as well as his supervisors."

-Robert H. Offenberger Ph.D.,  NHL Sports Psychologist

"I have become friends with Brady, and I believe he can do great things through the mental approach for young athletes.  He has great self-discipline and a great understanding of what it takes to be successful.  He has experiences in hockey at all levels and seen what a difference your mental approach can make on your career.  I was always told I was too little to be successful in the NHL.  It was a challenge for me to always hear that.  I had to overcome that mentally and believe in my abilities.  I was able to become rookie of the year as a 5'9'' 18 year old in the NHL because of my mental approach every day.  Brady has been through all levels of hockey and understands what a great advantage mental strength can provide, and I believe he can help lots of people around him."

-Pat Kane, Chicago Blackhawks

"I have been a life long friend with Brady. Growing up playing youth hockey, college hockey, and now playing in the NHL I understand the importance of the mental edge and what it takes to be successful, and so does Brady. He has played at every level and seen what it takes to get to the highest level. The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is in between your ears. There are many talented athletes everywhere you go but what separates average from great is their mental approach, and how they handle their emotions and persistence through tough times. Everybody will go through tough times in their life, and Brady like myself as gone through difficult times. What I admire about Brady is his ability to stay positive and strong mentally to get through those obstacles, and be become a better person/athlete because of it. I believe he has the ability now to relate to athletes and share his many experiences to help them get through the obstacles everybody will surely face. Growing up I would have loved to have somebody like Brady who I could relate to, talk to through hard times, or simply to help me gain that mental edge against competition because I now realize how important that is. Brady is an unbelievably caring person and has a great ability to make people feel comfortable around him. He has seen the advantage mental strength and a positive mental approach can have on your life or athletic career, and has a great ambition to help people not only become better athletes but better people in the process."

- Adam Burish, Dallas Stars

"One of the biggest struggles as a professional hockey player is dealing with the mental frustration ever player goes through. Brady's experience from playing the sport, and his encounters with dealing with having that mental edge in the game, is why I admire and believe in his talents as a sports psychologist. Knowing Brady for years, he has personally helped me with hardships during my career. His ability to share his thoughts and experiences has not only benefitted my game, but my overall perception of how to prepare myself to be successful. Having a mentor like Brady has given me that mental edge to become a better athlete. Brady's focus and determination is why I believed in his efforts to help my performance.With his experience and knowledge of sport of hockey, his determination can drive any athlete to be more successful on and off the ice."

-Tom Gilbert, Edmonton Oilers

"I have known Brady Greco in a variety of areas over the years.He has been a player on a professional sports team that I coached in Springfield, Massachusetts.We also had the opportunity to work side by side as fellow instructors / leaders in a hockey school for young kids.Brady is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His leadership and communication skills, both written and verbal, are admirable.I highly recommend Brady, as he is a valuable asset to any organization."

- Phil Russel, former NHL player and coach

"I have personally known Brady Greco for many years and as good a hockey player as Brady was, he is even a better human being. He is a sincere, first class young man and when you add that to his hockey playing experiences, he definitely has a lot to offer. The reason I’m sharing this information is because Brady was recently able to make a real positive impact on both my son Zach and I. Like most kids who play hockey at a higher level (USA/NDTP, USHL/Indiana & Michigan State University ‘09’), Zach has experienced many positive and exciting moments during his hockey career. At the same time though, Zach has also experienced a few negative and frustrating moments. As most parents know, coaching and organizational decisions pertaining to our child are not always black and white. In fact there tends to be a lot more grey than we would like. Added to the fact that as Zach’s father, I have a limited hockey playing background and do not always have the ability to understand and relate to what Zach is going through or what he is feeling. Because of the aforementioned, Brady has been extremely helpful and more than able to step in and fill that actual void for both Zach and I. He can definitely relate to Zach and even more importantly, communicate to both of us in a way that allows us to better understand any given situation that Zach may encounter. Brady is also a very good listener and has continually made Zach and I feel extremely comfortable regardless of the topic. The bottom line is that Brady can make a real difference for the player and/or the parent(s) when having to deal with the ever-occurring ups and downs of playing hockey at a higher level."

- Keith Golembiewski, Parent

"Brady is one of the finest gentlemen I have come across in this great game of hockey in my 30-year career.He possesses all the great qualities that I want to instill in my children.He is not only a role model with integrity and conviction but also a great guy and fun to be around. People gravitate to him and kids will look up to him for years to come.He is a huge asset to my company and I am proud to have him as one of my head coaches and leaders"

- Jeff Serowik, Former NHL player, CEO and President Pro Ambitions

"Brady Greco has a crystal clear vision of the "big picture" and is an excellent communicator. Brady has clearly demonstrated that he has the will and the courage to continue to grow his life despite encountering challenges that tested his resolve. Every athlete will face challenges that seem insurmountable as you continue on in sports and life. Rest assured that Brady will lend you his ear and also share with you ideas that will brighten your outlook on life. Continued mentoring will give athletes the energy to be the best that you can be. To get to the top, in any walk of life, you need an edge. The most important edge there is to gain is the mental one. It is also the most difficult one to achieve and Brady can and will explain why this is and then assist you in gaining that elusive Mental Edge. He has it."

- Jake Goertzen, Former Chief Scout Tampa Bay Lightning NHL

"It was never in my blood to communicate my feelings properly as a hockey player. Going through the ranks and levels of junior and college hockey, talent and work ethic always were the main components that enabled me to get to an elite level of competition, and ultimately allowing me to be a key contributor in winning a National Championship with the University of Wisconsin Badgers. Now as a head coach for the Northern Lights junior hockey team, I find that communication is one of the main ingredients in leading a successful organization. I began picking Brady’s brain my first year as a junior varsity high school hockey coach. His innovative thinking to create an outlook of how to deal with relationships between a player and coach is second to none. I know I can always trust the advice he gives me on different coaching techniques. I will continue to utilize Brady as I continue my journey in the coaching world, and would recommend any player/coach/parent to do the same."

- AJ Degenhardt, Minnesota Northern Lights Junior Hockey Team