E-Book - 50 Week Hockey Training Manual

The 50 Week Hockey Training Manual is a comprehensive training e-book designed to give athletes of all levels the template for strength in sport. Athletic success is contingent on control of variables such as situation/season, training design (sets, reps, rest, tempo), stage of training, and level of athlete. By successively introducing into the training program separate, specific means, each of which has a progressively strong training effect, and coupling them, we create conditions for linear increase in strength, speed, and agility.

For those new to training, the foundation training template provides a great starting point. The objective is on education and the gradual introduction of sport specific basic fundamentals and techniques. Athletes are exposed to a wide variety of training that stimulates healthy physical development and increases functional capabilities, motor abilities, and knowledge base.

As athletes mature detailed pre-season , in- season, and off- season training programs are designed around the hockey calendar. All exercises include a video example to provide a checkpoint for form and technique.

The 50 Week Hockey Training Manual is a must have for any serious player, coach, or organization to help maximize strength training efforts. 

E-Book - Organizational Development

Fitness trainer and former Division I hockey player, Sean Cromarty, presents a comprehensive blueprint for developing, coaching, training, and operating a successful hockey club. By utilizing one system for the entire organization you help to build an identity, learn to play to your strengths, raise player retention from season to season, and help to better develop players overall skill sets.

The book is separated into five distinct sections, providing in-depth analysis of team systems, on ice drills, and their application to games. Subsequent sections include in-season and off-season training programs, as well as nutritional information. Illustrations and coaching tips for over 60 drills include:

     • Team Systems (breakout, neutral zone, offensive/defensive zone play, face-offs & special teams)
     • Breakout Specific Drills
     • Neutral Zone Transition
     • Forward and Defenseman Skill Development
     • Skill Sessions (shooting, passing, stick handling)
     • On-Ice Conditioning

Organizational Structure will prove to be a valuable asset for any coach or president of a youth hockey club. Whether you are a seasoned coach looking for a fresh approach to practices, or someone new to the game needing help running the bench our book covers all bases. Coaches at the highest level have professional correspondence between one another when attacking practice plans and game strategies, and now with this e-book the same service is available to you.